AQB Desi Ulti - Database records


I am using AQB to design reinforced concrete beam elements.
Design works well and I can see all the results in the report as well as in wingraf.
However, I cannot find the corresponding records in the CDB. This is supposed to have the key 107/LC.
What could be the reason?

Reinforcement is stored under 106/DC.

Thank you for your response.
I knew already that reinforcement is stored under 106/DC. I am looking for the utilization level.

I believe that record is for interaction checks in steel design (not sure though).

Some of the results in the report/wingraf are calculated on the fly, i.e. you can’t find them in the cdb.
For instance for quad elements and linear load cases you won’t find principal forces or stresses in the cdb, but their accessible in wingraf

So I think you are out of luck. Either you calculate the utilization yourself or you take it from wingraf.

I will try to calculate the utilization myself.
Is there a general guide regarding SOFiSTiK’s philosophy in calculating the utilization for concrete beam elements?
Can the data under record 106/DC be used to calculate the utilization?

I think, there is no reasonable cause to calculate the utilization by itself. That’s the reason why i use the programm.
And if you really want: you can’t calculate a one and only utilization. It is depending from stresses (loadcases) and the dedicated reinforcement. Good luck.

Here is the reason:
I am connecting to CDB from python and trying to find out whether all concrete beams are satisfactorily designed.

As for the utilization, I am referring to the maximum utilization level of all load cases.
(see the screenshot below from SOFiSTiK report)


I found the bug!
The record “107/LC” showed up when I assiged type “DESI” to the load combinations.