Adding Moving Load on Bridges

Hello, I am trying to add moving load on my bridge but constantly there is an error. I cannot understand how to proceed further. Please help!

What’s the error message?

hi, yeah i am getting this error message

ELLA needs a pre-existing stiffness matrix.
Solve your system in ASE for another loadcase (e.g. self-weight) before running ELLA.

So, your suggestion is that I do a dead load evaluation of the bridge ain ase and then write the command for ella?


Just insert:

+Prog Ase 
Lc No 1 Facd 1.0

before ELLA

So, I tried it and now the error message is as shown in the image


First, you should take a look at the report browser to immediately see which command is in error.
After that, you should look into the ELLA manual and check the command syntax.

If you are a new user, I suggest using the SSD to build your project.
If you want to use the TEDDY, see the example files for help.