Activate hinges in CSM

Hi everyone,

In CSM using group activation, I can fix hinges using HFIX at a certain stage to the end of the construction stage analysis. I’d like to achieve the opposite, i.e. fix the hinges during a few of the initial stages and then activate them at a certain stage till the end of the construction stage analysis.

Does anyone have a suggestion how this might be possible? I could do it easily if I could assign hinges to secondary groups, but as I understand that’s not possible. I also tried activating the SLNs with fixed hinges, then deactivating and activating them again without HFIX, but this didn’t work either.

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Hi Marcel

The reactivation of a hinge is not possible in CSM. Actually I don’t know a case in which this behaviour is essential. :sweat_smile:

But anyway, instead of beam hinges you can use springs. For every degree of freedom you have to define a stiff spring (i.e. 1E7) between the two beams. But you have to make sure, that the two beams have different end and start nodes (perhaps with a small gap). If you group the springs, you can activate and deactivate them within the CSM (GRP ICS1 … ATIL …).

This allows you to fix the two beams in different construction stages, whereby the beams are “hinged” at the beginning and at the end.

I hope this helps you further.

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team