Worst Seismic Direction results

Hello everyone!

When the sofistik does the RSA earthquake analysis it calculates the seimic forces per x and y plane direction.

However in my case it is possible that the x and y direction is not the worst seismic direction. meaning that the seismic force can have an inclination of 45 degrees to the x or y axis. Do you have any suggestion how can i get the worse seismic force in any direction? (Not parrarel to the x or y global axis)

Hi, in case you perform an RSA design with SRSS superpositioning the direction of the structure according the direction of the x- an y-axis has no influence to the results.

In case of using the Newmark Superpostioning the orientation can effect the results.

If you like to take into account different angles I simply would rotate my structure and loads in SOFiPLUS and analyze different projects.

Have a good day