Work law - PMM interaction and beam hinge


I have done two different models for a beam and a shell element. In both I need to add a hinge in the middle and associate a work law to it. I have used a hinge release for the beam with the following teddy code " FIXA ‘10’ " were 10 is the number of the work law.
I am doing the same with the shell moment and representing the hinge with a gap between the mesh and a spring for connecting the elements. Then I also added a fixed coupling to avoid instabilities (ecxept for the My that I want to consider in the work law). I am assigning the law with the line: “SARB OUT MNO 14 dfix 0.050 FIX MXMY”.

It seems that the work law is working fine for the beam model, where if I apply different axial forces the bending moment changes; for the shell element it doesn t work and it seems that the spring is acting as a normal MY release without considering the work law.
Has someone ever used this feature?

Here few pic

Thank you