WinGraf error

Hi all,

I am having a hard time trying to solve this warning. It suggests to define more nodes or beam sections. I am not sure I understand it correctly. Does it mean I have to split some of my elements into more simple cross sections, or should I make smaller mesh?

The linear analysis in this case was performed not to design anything. I use CSM, Traffic Loader and Superposition to get the design stresses in elements. If this error pops up at the linear analysis stage, does it mean I get wrong values when I do CSM, TL and Superposition?



At first this is a warning and not an error message :wink: .
The inner forces are always determined at the beginning and end points of a beam. Between these points the bending moment will be determined by cubic interpolation. You get a warning message to be careful with these interpolated values, because in some cases, when the beam division is too big the maximum value could be higher than the values at the beginning or at the end points. However, if you have short beam elements, the difference between the cubic interpolated value and the end values is negligible.

You should therefore take a look at the beam shown (No. 1100114 LC 1) and check whether the element is too large. Now you have to decide if the element length is enough or if you need to adjust the beam size. You can control the beam size by defining a smaller element length or a higher number of elements within the definition of the structural lines in SOFIPLUS(-X).

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Frederik Höller
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