Wind load - Teddy

Hello everyone,

I am trying to parametric design loads on a building.

According to “EC 1-1-4 windload” the size of the loads on the walls are different, depending on which side the load comes from as shown. The letters A, B, C and are the side of the wall, when the wind comes from side D.


I successfully manage to do that, when the building is rectangular shaped.

But, when I have a case when the wall is not rectangular anymore, I have no Idea what to do and how to do it in smart way.

I could divide the walls into small parts in Revit, which the model is loaded from, but that will require that I divide the same wall many times for each loadcase, which is not possible.

Are there any ways to do the wind loading in Sofistik on a building loaded from Revit?

The option I see is if I could load a certain part of a group? Is that possible in Sofistik?

Hello Muhanad

You can add new loads in SOFiSTiK with a new Task “Text Editor” and enter a new prog SOFiLOAD calculation.
If you need help with the text input (CADINP), I suggest the following example:

open TEDDY > File > Examples > SOFiLOAD > english > wind_on_building.dat

If you need further help with the Revit - SOFiSTiK intersection, you could have a look at the “BIM - Building Design Tutorial” on our website. Although the Tutorial is for Revit 2019 and SOFiSTiK 2018, the general methods are still working. > Infocenter Overview > SOFiSTiK 2018 Tutorials > Tutorials BIM Workflow in Building Design > BIM - Building Design Tutorial

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team