Wind Load Generator

Hello everyone,

have a specific query regarding the wind generator feature following Eurocode.

attempted to find guidance in the user manual, specifically in Sofiload, but unfortunately, it is not entirely clear to me. Initially, I noticed that utilizing the wind generator requires an additional license. SofiLoad-W.

Given that I have a student license, am I allowed to use this feature?

Assuming it’s permissible, could you provide instructions on how to generate wind loads? Should I utilize Teddy for this purpose?

Lastly, I am curious about the software’s mechanism for generating these loads. Software will generate loads like my skecth? in x, y and z direction.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi JoseMena,
please have a look into our Teddy-examples, in Teddy under “File - Examples” and further under “sofiload - english”. There you find beside other examples file “wind_on_mast.dat” => please study it.
The principle is in this case:

  • defining some wind parameters for cross sections (that are used later for beams) in PROG AQUA
  • defining wind profiles in SOFiLOAD
  • Analyzing dynamically with PROG DYNA

If the generator is used, it is difficult to understand the values determined because the code is complicated. I would therefore always use simplified wind loads.

This should help.
Best regards,

Thanks Jost.

I will study these examples. Normally, I use simplified wind loads, but for my final project, I wanted to explore this feature of Sofistik.

Best regards,