What shapes of solid element are supported by Sofistik?

Except for tetrahedra and hexahedra,
Are other shapes like pentahedra, pyramid suppoted as well?

no, only the both shapes a tetraeder and a hexaeder element.

I want to use some 3rd-party open-source mesh app, like GMSH to generate high quality hexaeder -dominated mesh, then import them into Sofistik.
The mesh includes hexaeder, pentahedra, pyramid and tetraeder elements in most cases.

But unfortunatey, sofistik only supports hexaeder and tetraeder.
Most analysis software, like Sap2000, Staad Pro, Dlubal RFEM support hexaeder, pentahedra, pyramid and tetraeder as shown below (Staad Pro Manual)

Wish Soistik will support other shapes in the future

Hello @netsonic_Sofistik, are you talking about QUAD or BRIC elements?

Can you please show an example of a hexaedral mesh in GMSH?

What would be the benefit of such a mesh for analysis purposes? New shapes mean new equations to evaluate the values in the Gauss-points/element nodes. Would that have a positive impact on processing speed or analysis precision? Are the current precision and speed not enough?

Do you know that we have quite “good” elements? I.E. Hex with non-conforming shape functions and higher-order Tets?