Warning 117 in program AQBPR3

Warning 117 in program AQBPR3 pops up on CSM and subsequent AQB runs. The text of warning is: “Loadcase XXXX of type prestress has no active tendons for the associated construction stage XXX”. It prints the warning 50 times and I suspect this is the case on every CS. Is it possible this is the reason I have not been able to solve tendon stress in aqb? I only get tendon stress for CSM stages, for other checks I get concrete and reinforcement stresses, but no matter what never get tendon stresses.

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Without a project file and further information about the used workflows, I can only guess where the error is.

I think you haven’t yet defined the construction stage of the cross-section that you want to design.
So if you use a TEDDY input for your AQB design, make sure you wrote BEAM CS auto. As a result, the software automatically takes the phases of the cross section until the very last state.

If you are working with the standard CSM Design Tasks please check the construction stage definition of the cross-section and your tendons.

In order to create a accurate SSD project of a prestressed beam structure, please follow our online Bridge Design training.

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Frederik Höller
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