Variabel Parameters - Thin Walled Section


I am trying to create a parametric Thin Wall Section that will allow me to control through Grasshopper both the construction stage that a specific element is activated, as well as the material assigned to it.

In theory it is working, as I don’t get any error messages and I do actually have the opportunity in Grasshopper to control these parameters, however, when I try to view my section in order to verify that the material and construction has been indeed correctly assigned, it unfortunately does not work.

On the other hand, if I do not set the material and construction stage as variables in the Json data, but instead manually type, it is working fine.

Has anyone experienced something similar? I am not allowed to define a construction stage or a material as a variable, that will later be controlled through Grasshopper instead of the Json script?

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how about to control JSON file with Grasshopper (using Python).


Thanks a lot for the reply. I would love to do that, however, I unfortunately do not currently possess enough experience with Python.

That said, if you could share your script, it would be greatly appreciated !

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So, just use text replacement. On lines 15 and 16 you can see the result. It might be nicely done into one “Replace Text” with a loop (Anemone | Food4Rhino).

Comp_Sect.json (571 Bytes)
Mod_Comp_Sect.json (567 Bytes) (12.4 KB)

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