Using the Rebar check

Hi. I am a student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, currently writing a bachelor’s thesis based on SOFiSTiK. I am using the SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design student version. I am almost done with all the necessary results, but I have a huge problem using the Rebar Check function after designing the construction. I hope you can help me with this problem. How should I use the Rebar Check function after designing a slab, column, or beam? How do I change, for example, the rebar types if I am not satisfied with the results based on the rebar check viewer?

it’s great to hear you want to use our products in your theses. The workflow is more or less straight forward. Maybe the description inside the manual will help.
Hope that helps
Cheers Martin

Maybe the online video tutorials (only in German language) about the complete revit analysis and design workflow will help.

Thank you so much. The video with English subtitles answered my question exactly.