User defined palette in Wingraf


I want to define my own palette in Wingraf for use with filled areas for required reinforcements. After defining my palette/filling in WinGraf, I want to save this to a user database so that I can use this for several projects. How can I do this? Or is it easier/better to define this in Teddy?

Kind Regards
Øystein Vagnildhaug

Teddy would be the easiest way imo.

Quickest way to get going:
External teddy file (.gra) -> Open the wingraf file from teddy
SSD teddy -> Right click and select teddy (text editor)

You’re looking for the lines that start with fill

Thanks for your reply!
Could these lines which starts with “FILL” be saved into a wingraf.def file with a title reference? Then I would imagine it would be possible in WinGraf to select this from the properties of the filled area?

Kind Regards
Øystein Vagnildhaug

-> Prepare a wingraf.def file with your preferred settings.
-> Place it in your project folder (where your cdb is)
-> in the setting for filling there are 2 buttons for default values (original=sofistik; user defined=your def file)