Use the buckling eingenform for nonlinear anaöysis

Good morning,
I am trying to use the buckling eigenform to perform (geometric and physical) nonlinear analysis of a thin plate under bending and shear stresses. The model works well for the calculation of the single load cases, but I’m not able to use any eigenform and combine it with the load cases.
Thanks in advance.

I guess you want to use eigenmode as an imperfection for nonlinear analysis. To do so in ASE use command OBLI:
OBLI LC lc_no VMAX value
where lc_no is loadcase number of your eigenmode
and value is maximum value to which your eigenform is scaled

Thanks for the answer.

I ran the code after performing the buckling analysis.
The code is as follows (german version):

SCHI LF 3001 VMAX 3.5[mm] RICH ZZ

the load case number for the eigenform is the 3001 and I want to scale it 3,5 mm in the global direction Z. It didn#t work though. Schould I add this code somewhere else?

I can help you only with english syntax, but it should not be a problem to translate (teddy has automatic translator)
You have to define new loadcase which will be analysed with imprefection.
obli Lc 3001 VMAX 3.5[mm]
LC 1 dlz 1

If you want use eigenmode as permanent deformation form of your model you can do so with syst plc
syst PLC 3001 VMAX 3.5[mm] stor yes


The previous load case was overwritten and I was lost for moments. But just had to assign it to another LC number. Eveything functions now.

Thank you very much for the help!