Update 2024-4 warning

Hi Team

I have just updated to the latest service pack 2024-4 and got the following warning in some composite cross girders in a bridge.
I didn’t get this warning in the previous version 2024-3.
I dont think this is correct.

+++++ warning no. 36 in program AQU_SVAL
The plastic section capacity for section 4, construction stage 0 is calculated for a composite section (EN 1994-1-1, ch. 6.7.), although the steel content is δ < 0.2 ( 0.18), because the reference material is a steel material.



can you please make a small example showing this behaviour and send it to our support team.

In case you are already a customer of SOFiSTiK please send als infos about customer number. This number can be found via SOFiSTiK Application Manager (SAM), click on the key symbol. A windows posp up, with the customer number.
Thank you

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Thanks Martin,

Just did it.

Thank you