ULS Design check

Hi, everyone, do you know how to find the ULS Design check in 2023 SoFiSTiK(2023)? Or which command directly detects that the rebar needs to be replaced?

Hi Zina,

using SSD you will find tasks for ULS design checks, for beams and also for area elements (QUADS). Simply open SSD and use the right mous click in the task tree, “Add Task” and select an appropriate task from the library.
You will find a beginners video tutorial on our youtube channel.

This video tutorial is basically still valid also for version 2023
Expecially the design part shows how to perform a ULS design.

After you added the design task you can use the right mouse click inside the task tree to see the TEDDY input behind the task. This is a nice feature to study the numerical setup in TEDDY for a desing.
Hope that helps.
Cheers Martin

P.S.: just a quick note. Using the SOFiSTiK Comunity here is a great option to get and share information. Please take into account that the people, who are active here, do not know your project. Therefore try to formulate your problem as clear and sufficient as possible. This makes it easier for anyone to understand your problem and send you an answer. Keep it short as well :slight_smile: