Trafic loader

Good afternoon.
When using the traffic loader module and adding load train according to SNIP 2.05.03-84, GOST 52748-2007, the table shows the values of the axle load equal to 140 kN and the distributed load equal to 14 kN / m, but when viewing the report based on the calculation results, the values of the indicated loads are equal 137.2 kN and 13.72 kN / m, respectively.
What data to believe and how can this situation be corrected?

Hello Isod

Thanks for your note about the different values for the load train AK (SNIP 2.05.03-84, GOST 52748-2007).
I will investigate the cause of these discrepancies.

But for now, the used value is shown within the Report Browser (13,72 kN/m & 137,2 kN). Please check if these values are correct for your project. If not, change them within the traffic loader dialogue.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team