Traffic Loader for Multi-Girder Bridges

Hello everyone.

After having watched the “Bridge Design Training #09 - Traffic Loader and Result Sets” tutorial, I have been trying to apply the in-video mentioned principles to a multi-girder deck of a LM1 Eurocode road bridge.

What I want, is to provide Traffic Loader with the most adverse UDL and TS patterns for a) interior and b) exterior girders accordingly:

Fig. a) shows an attempt to center UDL1 and TS1 above Girder 3 and put UDL2 and TS2 as close to Girder 3 as possible.

Fig. b) shows an attempt to position UDL1, TS1 and UDL2, TS2 as close to Girder 2 as possible.

Traffic Loader seems not to explicitly accept any lane placement but: Center, Right, Left and Superstructure Width. Is there any way to assign lane eccentricity with respect to the bridge axis? Moreover, does the YEX parameter refer to the UDL - TS eccentricity?

Thank you in advance for your help.

The Center/ Right/ and Left options are based on the Eurocode standard lane-set, if you want to define your lanes manually, you need to set the Section as user-defined, then you can freely define the lanes as you wish.

Dear @Soheil, thank you very much for your help! It worked: