Traffic loader error

Hello everyone,

I defined new axis above the bridge main axis and During defining the traffic loader parameters i chosen this axis and i entered a correct vertical influence depth to overcome the problem that the loads might be not acting at the bridge because of its transverse slope .

But this error message in the photo appears to me. And when i choose the bridge main axis instead of the one that i created above it, no error appears.


Why are you working with two axes? As far as I understand your problem, one axis should do the job.

Concering your error message, please open the Report Browser and look at the message in detail.
Have you changed the TEDDY Code of the Task “Traffic Loader”?
Are you working with the latest SOFiSTiK version? If not please update the program with the SOFiSTiK Application Manager.

If an update doesn’t fix the problem and you can’t figure out the problem by yourself, please send me a simplified version of your project and I’ll take a look at the problem.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team


-This screenshot if from “Bridge Design Training #09 - Traffic Loader and Result Sets” video and this was the reason why i defined another axis than the bridge main axis. to make sure that the loads will act on the bridge.
-No i didn’t change the Teddy code.
-its 2022 version.

Thank you