Total Bars - Bending schedule paramater

Good evening,

I have created a customized schedule that matches our office standard. One of the totals that is important to us is the total number of positions in any given bending schedule. I tried using the parameter {total_bars}, which when run it provides a number that does not equal the total number of bars.

I tried placing it in different tables with filters:
Not Bent
No filter

As far as I can tell the parameter provides the total number of unique shapes (but im not certain).

Is there a way to get the total number of bar positions in the schedule?

Hello @Ricardinio,

It is not very clear for me what exactly are you trying to achieve. I recommend to send your request with your wish description to support[at] You can send there also your template and the desired output from this.

We are working hard to improve the schedule in docx format and we are very happy to hear from you. It is also interesting for us in which country are you using this and as already mentioned how the desired output is.

Beside the total_bars parameter that you already see in the default deliverd docx templates in bending_schedule, it is true that you can use this parameter also in wight_summary table as follows:

In the example above I used a sheet with 5 position, some of them are Ø10 and some Ø12. In the weight schedule the total_bars parameter delivers the number of pieces of reinforcement from the specific diameter.

For “total number of positions” we don’t have yet a parameter that does this, perhaps with word functions you can achieve something like that.

Thank you for your response.

I was looking for a command that provides the total number of unique positions in a bending schedule as the client has to pay both per kg and per number of positions.

Ill see what I can do with the word functions.

Ps, ill private message you with details about our company


Im struggling to figure out how to private message

Im struggling to figure out how to private message

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