Timber Design Code since SOFiSTiK 2022

Hi all,

I am trying to select EN 1995 in SSD 2023 but for some reason, it is missing from the list. Is there a reason for that or am I choosing the wrong option? The same is in the case of version 2022. In version 2020 it is available. Please see the picture attached

Hello Faruk

Since SOFiSTiK 2022 we have merged several Eurocodes into one input command.
As discribed in the manual EN 199X-200X includes the timber design codes EN 1995-1-1 as well as a few other design codes

(AQUA manual, chapter 6.6 NORM - Default Design Code, page 3-18)

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Hello Frederik,

thanks for the clarification. That explains everything :slight_smile:

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