The extruded volume has many holes

The surface mesh is generated in grasshopper and rhino, and is exported as dat file.
it is generated in sofistik correctly as shown below

But the extruded volume has many holes

The teddy files attached, please remove “.dat” unzip it and run 1.dat. (69.3 KB)

It seems there are (at least) doubled quads in the hole-areas. (And ANIMATOR can’t this brics display correctly while WINGRAF shows that there is something like brics and also shows, that there are quad-problems.)
For better debugging you can extrude only a part:
“tran quad prop x001 dz 11.7 xmax -29.39” instead “EXTR TYP VON BIS PATH V1 V2 V3 DIV …”
And you can pick quadnumbers in ANIMATOR and delete this Quads in a predefined MSHA (before! the running of the extruding MSHA).
If you delete a number of the in ANIMAOTOR as extruded shown quads: there will be a hole in the quad- and bric-structure.
If you delete a other quad of the extruding area: there is no whole, becouse there is yet another quad.