The copy function from Sofistik tools in Revit 2022

Hallo all ,
I am trying to use the copy function from Sofistik tools in Revit 2022 from one slab to another similar one, but it doesn’t work.
I have the latest Sofistik tool in Revit (2022-6 Build 462), and the following error message is shown.
Screenshot 2022-09-14 155553

When I tried to use the same function in Revit 2020, it did work without Problems.
What can be the cause of this problem?


The problem only occurs in Revit 2022 and SOFiSTiK 2022-5 and 2022-6. As far as I know the problem should be fixed in Revit 2023 and SOFiSTiK 2023.
So for now I suggest trying the newer 2023 version or using the Revit “Copy” feature.

If the problem also occurs in version 2023, please contact SOFiSTiK Support and send them the files and a detailed description of your problem.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

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Well, thanks for your great effort.

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