Tendons in SBIM


I am trying to come up with an effective workflow to model prestressed bars using the SOFISTIK Bridge Modeler. So far, the best I have come up with is creating a secondary axis that describes the geometry of the prestressed cable (discretization of the geometry using points and defining offsets horizontally and vertically for each point along the 3D curve) and then using the Create Tendon function to create a Revit Reinforcement Bar along the axis.

3D view :

However, I am struggling to define cable lengths, or specify a reference plane to cut the cable since it is a Generic Model.

It would be great to have a solution to this, or even a cleaner workflow that I have not discovered yet to model prestressed cables. The problem becomes even worse when I have to define cables that start and end at certain placements. Is there an option to choose secondary axis length?


Hello Mr Khabsa

Have you tried to modify the geometry of the tendon after the creation?
Just open the Revit Family Editor of the tendon with the SBIM function “Tendon > Edit”. The Revit Family Editor offers a variety of functions to edit the tendon spline, such as adding, moving and deleting points of the curve. For further information please have a look at the administration manual of the SOFiSTiK Bridge and Infrastructure Modeler.

www.sofistik.com > Infocenter - Overview > Documentation - Bridge Modeler > Tendon

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team