Tendons in grasshopper - LC not calculating


I am trying to put the tendons in the system. Everything seem to be working except the calculation of the loadcase of the tendons, I have this warning: “No loads defined for LC 11 or all loads in equilibrium”. In Wingraf, no loads are applied in LC 11.

You can find attached the Teddies generated by grasshopper.

AQUA_OPT.dat (490 Bytes)
ASE_OPT.dat (61 Bytes)
PT_OPT.dat (2.7 KB)
SOFILOAD_OPT.dat (168 Bytes)

P.S. The LC 11 (assigned for the TEND) is only defined in the definition of the tendons but not in SOFiLOAD. Also, I am working in Grasshopper, but I am controling the outputs in TEDDY.

P.S: LC 1 and LC 20 are respectively Weight load (FACD 1) and vertical uniformily distributed loads.

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Hello Christel

It seems like the program TENDON has an internal accuracy of 10e-3. Since your Rhino curve is parametrised with [0,1], you will find intersection points that are so close together that they are below this accuracy. At the moment, the parametrisation should be as long as the arc length [0,30].

So you should try to increase the parametrisation.

As a quick hint, the new version of TENDON (SOFiSTiK 2022) should handle this accuracy.

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Thank you for your support. I will try to change the parametrisation and adapt the code if necessary.
As I was trying to fix the problem, I discovered that another way of trying to solve is to link a SLN to Ax in TendonGeometry instead of a Crv, and that will change the way the axis is generated: BEFORE:


I don’t know if this is a good solid way of solving the issue, so I will try your method.

Thank you !

Christel S