Tendon visualisation

Is it possible to print cross-sections along a beam, inluding the tendon ducts in order to check the distances of the tendons? I used to do this in older versions with AQUP which does not exist anymore. Can someone please describe the procedure for the recent versions?

With version 2023 you can use the result viewer. It shows cross sections and the tendon position in the cross section at the beam sections.

Thank you for replying. As I found out it works as long as you have ran an AQB with a stress output for the sections.

Hi Dimitrios,

you can check this also without AQB run. Just use the following results:

Cross-Sections → Beam Tendons

There you will find different results regarding position of the duct. I hope that my answer will help you out.

As mentioned before, this feature is only available from version 2023.

Kind regards,

Hey, thanks! I currently work with 2020 but it’s good to know when I update sometime!