Temperature Stress Analysis


I’m trying to study the stress that occurs in concrete during casting due to temperature. I have used the Contest program to generate the heat development curve, and I obtained a Delta T of 22 degrees, which is the highest temperature minus the outdoor temperature. I wonder how I can apply a constant temperature to the bottom plate as a load and another temperature load for the wall, and then determine the stress that occurs. Also, I’m wondering whether to use dtxy or dtz or both.

We will have two load cases (1: self-weight and 2: temperature load). I want to be able to see a curve for each one, and I want to be able to see a curve showing the relationship between the two.

We have tried to do it by using different load cases as I mentioned before, but we wonder if this is correct or if we need to write codes using Teddy or if we need to use another method.

Thanks for helping