Superstructure creation in Bridge modeler

Hi everyone!
Just installed the Bridge modeler trial version to test its functionality and was looking to get some feedback on the best practice to model a certain bridge superstructure.
The superstructure has cavities when looking at the structure longitudinally (5 separate, see picture below), as well as transversally (9 separate rows).

The option in Bridge modeler is to create a element between two stations. In this case I would have to create several superstructure elements (each between two stations where the cross-section changes), but this is not ideal, as they all are separate from one another (when creating drawing there will be unnecessary lines).
The other option would be to create the whole superstructure and then use voids to create the cavities. As far as i have checked, the cavities for my example would have to be created each separately, as when using a cross- section that contains all, it cuts the superstructure by only one of those cavity voids.
Is that correct or am i missing something?
Additionally i found that using Void cut, when creating the superstructure, one end is not cut completely - one corner remains uncut when axis is on the side of cross-section. this seems to happen only when the axis is on the side of the cross- section.

This is the picture of the corner that is not correct when using void cut