Superpositing grouping by partition

Hello everyone,

Lately i’ve been trying to learn superpositioning, and having trouble with the following:

In this example I have three partitions of loads: G, Q_1 and Q_2. I would like to keep the actions the same as in the picture. Whenever I use superpositioning, it splits the partitions by the action.

Right now Sofistik does the following:
Partition G at yu=1.35
Action TS1 at yu=1.08 (Or any other action out of the blue or pink partitions).
Rest of the actions at yu=0.86

What I want:
Partition G at yu=1.35
Partition Q_1 at yu=1.08
Partition Q_2 at yu=0.86


What I want:
Partition G at yu=1.35
Partition Q_1 at yu=0.86
Partition Q_2 at yu=1.08

I would like Sofistik to think that all the loads in either partition Q_1 or Q_2 belong to each other, so it uses the same combination factor on it. Is that somehow possible by using Teddy? In this case for example, every load in partition Q_1 represents LM1 from NEN-EN1990, and thus can be considered with the same reduction factor.

Thanks in advance.


If I understand you correctly, this can be done with load groups. Please have a look at our tutorials on our website and in the TEDDY.

TEDDY > File > Examples > maxima > english > …

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team