Suggestion on XFLG in SofimshC

The current XFLG only allow P, L and A.
Is it possible to allow user to use more options, like, GRP, element NO, SLN, SPT, SAR, etc?

That will make modelling with XFLG more flexible。


Thank you for your help.
I informed the responsible author about your suggestion.
But at the moment, this enhancement to the XFLG feature does not appear to be part of an upcoming service pack.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

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I forgot to mention that when using more options, like, GRP, element NO, SLN, SPT, SAR,

XFLG should allow two different modes: include or exclude

XFLG P include GRP 1, SPT 2-6
This means XFLG should include points in GRP 1 and points in SPT from 2 to 6 only;
XFLG L exclude SLN 1-10
This means XFLG should exclude lines in SLN from 1 to 10;

Hi Höller,

any progress?

I really find it’s a very useful and necessary feature, especially for big and complex structure with mixed line, surface and volume elements.