Suggestion for SELE in CSM module

Under SELE in CSM module, user only allow to input Beam element NO or X,Y,Z of 2D member.
Is it possible to allow user to use GRP, SLN, SAR, etc to select multiple beam or 2D member.elements?


This is not possible. The command is only used to check some (1-3) elements by printing their results.
However, you can select multiple bars by adding a new SELE record.

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Frederik Höller
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The reason I want to select beam by SLN or GRP is because
for people who use Grasshopper/SofimshC to define geometry of the structure, they don’t need to explicitly define elements, so they don’t know what the No. of elements will be in advance. But they know what the SLN or GRP will be in advance.

I understand your problem. But you have the same problem within the SSD. After modeling the system, you must select the finite element and adapt the selected element if the FE model is changed.

The only workaround I can think of is this:
If you know the location of the beam element, you can try to create a new group with only one sln at that location. This way the program should always name the beam element the same.