Suggestion for Grasshoper / Rhino

  1. In 2020-x, 2022-0, SPTS and SLNS, a.k.a coupling, elastic coupling and spring in Grasshopper have “Default or Explicit direction of support”, but they can’t be shown in Rhino.The “Default or Explicit direction of support” is something like local axis of SPT, SLN and SAR, since these local axis can be shown in the Rhino,
    Is it possible to show “Default or Explicit direction of support” in the Rhino?

  2. When selecting components like SLN, SPT, SAR, coupling, etc in the Grasshopper, it will show lots of information like local axis symbol, group tag, section tag, stiffness tag, etc on the Rhino window.
    If the model has lot of members, these tags and symbos will make the response of Rhino very slow,
    Is it possible to add global and local view control, to decide which information can be shown on the screen?

  3. Since Grasshopper is mainly for axis based modeling, like bridge modeling, is it possible to add components for ELLA, and show lane location, width, etc in the Rhino?


Thank you for your feedback on the SOFiSTiK Rhino Interface.
I have informed the responsible developer about your suggestions. He will decide whether these ideas can be implemented.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

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Since bridge design often need CSM module, I also hope CSM can be added into Grasshopper.

Best regards