Suggestion - Enabling Secondary Group in CSM

Correct me if i’m wrong.
It seems to me that the secondary group is not available when defining GRP in CSM.
Is it possible to enable it in the CSM?

It isn’t, but as a word of advice: DON’T

The simple reason being:

  • Primary group: Element can only be in one group
  • Secondary group: Element can be in several

What happens if you activate creep/shrinkage for an element twice?

If your model is so complicated that secondary groups are a good idea, than you should definitely have a good enough group setup to do it with primary groups in csm.

Then on the other I don’t tend to follow my advice and like to produce workarounds in ways the software wasn’t intended for, so:

@Sofistik: Secondary groups in CSM would be a nice feature. Also a list of when and when not secondary groups work would also be appreciated.

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Thank you the suggestions.

I’ve used other softwares, like Sap2000, CSiBridge, Midas Civil, Larsa 4D, the groups in these apps are the same as secondary groups in Sofistik. Using secondary groups in these apps allow more flexible modeling and analysis.

I agree with you that software developers should tell user the pro and con of secondary group.