Student version


I’m a student so i got the student version licence. I got the serial file in the mail, activated the software and everthing worked fine at the begining whe i installed it, i think it was in September. Now i need to use it through my course but when i try to open sofistik it says “no current licence was found and an Expired one was found”. In the “codmeter control center” the status of the account is “enabled” what should i do? i requested a new licence like i did in the begining so should i just wait for a new licence or there is a faster way to fix this? I attached a screenshot.

Sahar Fischer.

Hi Sahar Fischer,
I think you have to wait for the new license. The student license always expires on december 1st.
Once you have the new license, everything should work as usual.

Thank you, I got the new serial and it works fine now.