Stress in tendons

How can I see stress or forces in tendons in prestressed beams for any LC?
In Wingraf I see only stresses for 7xxx combinations.
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7xxx (and 3xxx if you activate Ctrl Opt Cast Val 1 in CSM) combinations is all that the CSM itself generates.

Remaining tendon stresses are generated if you calculate the cross section stresses in AQB (or perhaps CSM if you perform all design checks in CSM)

I know it, but if i calculate cross section in aqb I can only see stresses in concrete.
Is it possible to see stresses in tendons in beams for any LC?

In my calculations the maximum tendon stress shows up in wingraf after.

To my understanding you can only get the max/min stress of all the tendons in beams (unless there is some sort of workaround)

In quad elements however I have been able to separate the stresses for individual tendons. The extra work in modelling and verifying is not worth it though.

Unfortunately I can’t see even max/min tendons stress in beams. Wingraf shows this only for 7xxx combinations.

In quads I see everything like you.

Thanks for trying to help me.