Sto load case between modules

Dear forum,

I am running a simulation where I want to save the last load case from a form finding step and use that as an initial load case for the subsequent relaxation step.

In the end of my form finding I write

sto#llff #lc-1 

and I retrieve the load case in the relaxation step as such:

let#plf #llff 

but when running the simulation I get the following error message:

+++++ error no. 10141 in program SOF_VAR
Variable FFLC undefined or with improper Index 0
+++++ error no. 12101 ; input line: 5
Improper assignment to variable PLF ( -1)
+++++ error no. 12111 ; input line: 9
Improper literal “#PLF” at position 9 legal are:

could someone please help me figure out what I am doing wrong here?


Try checking if what is stored in llff is what you would expect in your resultsviewer.

In your SSD, open results:

Add list:

Add system values → STO variables.


Check what is stored in variable llff


indeed the variable dosn’t show up in the list and the ones who does seam all to be set to 0, eventhoguh that shouldn’t be the case…

How can I troubleshoot this further?

Attached you’ll find my teddy fiile.

Circle-Benchmark_model.dat (18.1 KB)

You are looking at the index i think.
Index will ofcourse always start at 0. Look at the third column, which is value of variable.

I dont know if this is what you are expecting.

But when you ask for sto#llff #lc-1
you are asking to go below index 0, which is not possible/does not exist.

got it! Now it works. I was storing the load case outside the loop, that was the problem.

Thanks for your help!