Steel profiles missing

Hello, I have steel frame and I need to add SHS 450/450/10mm but there is no such profile in sofistik library, so it is impossible to add that cross section. Is there way to update steel profiles database ??

I supose that there is no standard steel profile in that dimension (450mm).

I don’t know about updating steel profile database, but anycase you can define your custom thin-walled steel section.


the hollow steel profiles are implemented according to EN 10210-2:2019 and EN 10219-2:2019. There is no profile SH or SHC 450x450x10 available.
If you want to define a profile SH 450x450x10, than please use following workflow:

  • define e.g. profile SH 450x250x10
  • modify the width of the profile in the lower part of the dialog from 250 to 450
  • modify the title of the section if desired

Sabine Fahrendholz
Senior Product Manager