SSD 2020 Text Size too small

Hi all,

The display of the text in SSD 2020 is too small comapred to the Toolbar text and I cannot find a way to change it.

I could not find a setting that allows me to adjust the size of the display. I also tried to correct the graphics card setting, but that has no effect either. As you may notice, the toolbar has the correct text size, but the text in the two windows is smaller.

I am attaching the pictures of the SSD screen for your information.

Please tell me how to solve the problem.


The program tries to scale the icons and the text font sizes according to the screen resolution and the scale factor of the screen.
So try to increase the scale factor of your display in the windows settings.

windows settings > system > display > Scale and Layout

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team