South African Design Codes


I just want to make sure if I would be able to use a South African design code (TMH7 preferably) in the BIM Bridge Modeler? If this is possible, where can I change this or do I need to add it somehow? If this isn’t possible, why hasn’t this yet been added to the program and when will it be added?


Hello Janco

The SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler (SBIM) is not a design tool. Therefore you don’t need to select a design code. The SBIM allows users to create parametrised 3D bridge models using alignment parameters and generic families.

If you want to analyse a model, you have to use the SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design Tool or the extension to the SOFiSTiK FEA packages. With the latest SBIM version you can export drawings as a DWG-file with the command ‘analysis link’.

Overall SOFiSTiK supports the South African Standard code TMH7. The code can be selected within the system information dialogue.

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SOFiSTiK Support Team
Frederik Höller

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Hi Frederik

Thank you very much, I will look into this.

Kind regards