Soil initial state determination unsolved problem

Hello everyone,

I’m modeling a culvert structure as an Plane Strain 2D (system TALPA) section (for University Thesis)
To better describe my problem I made a model of simple soil subjected to self weight only, that is constrained in certain area. I determined the soil characteristics as a non-linear Mohr-Coulomb material, putting there typical soil characteristics. I ran the calculation in SSD and as a result I obtained not so typical behaviour - large soil deformation (over 100mm). I assume that it is caused by lack of the determination of ‘initial state’ parameters or some different reason?
Can you please help me and tell what may be the reason of my problem and where is it possible to determin the initial state parameters of the soil?
I’m enclosing wingraf picture of the soil subjected to self load only.

Thank you in advance for any help,
Greetings, Tomasz

Hello Tomasz,
I made a small example, maybe this one will help you.
example.sofistik (21.8 KB)
example.dwg (87.1 KB)
I couldn’t reproduce your deformation.
You could also send us your project data

Best regards,
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Thank you very much for an answer Nils, from SOFiSTiK Support Team.

You also optained a deformation in soil, and I can not figure out how to determin the initial state parameters se we could avoid it.
The example that you made is quite similar and acurate but it shows the same unsolved problem.
I am sending my project files in 2016 Sofi.
Drawing1.dwg (59.9 KB)
Drawing1.sofistik (35.4 KB)
Best regards, Tomasz