Sofistik stresses error (rare stress)

Hello, I have model with compression problem.

Can I tell Sofistik to calculate stresses only on some points to avoid this problem ?

I have tried at many ways but keeps poping…

Thanks !


I am not completely sure what your intention is.
In ASE you can exclude some groups but this has the result that you change the complete system.
Or you can hide a group within the Graphic.
Or you have the possibility to calculate only a specific group (GRP, you can even exclude a group), element (ELEM) or node (NODE) with BEMESS.

But in the end this does not solves your main problem. Why do you want to manipulate the results? if you are not satisfied with the results, try to optimize your model. Try to increase the strength of the material or try to increase the area height. Or if you think the modelling is correct, but the results do not represent the reality (e.g. singularities), explain your thoughts within the statics documents.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team