Sofistik question about height parametert in Revit

Hello there. I just joined it because I have a question and I saw a door family where a Sofistik parameter is analyzig the survey point and the project base point height. But I have no idea from what it takes those numbers exactly inside the family.

Specifically I want to make a manhole family that when tagged it shows the height of the upper part and the lowest part based on the survey point and then on the project base point.
Is that even possible in the first place?

Thank you for any kind of advice.

Hello, I was wondering the same. It seams that those parameters are coded inside SOFiSTiK Tool Altitudes of Openings. It would be nice if it is posible to link those parameters to custom families for example face based

Hello @Faruk ,
these parameters are created automatically if you use the command ALTITUDES OF OPENINGS, even for face based families like the “Trägeröffnung rechteckig.rfa”.Furthermore you can export these parameters in you own families. If you are interested in a training please contact our BIM specialist from Revit Experten im Ingenieurbau | BiMOTiON GmbH via E-Mail

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Hallo Bjorne, thank you for the fast answer it helped me a lot. I managed to import the Sheard Parameters to my own families and it seam to be working :slightly_smiling_face:

I see. Thank you for your answer. So then I guess its rather impossible if I want a generic Modell of a manhole and let sofistik read out the upper and lower part of it as its not an opening from my understanding?

Hi @kristof1995,
It depands. You can create your own family of a manhole and use one of the family templates which are wall / slab / face based. Families with the template generic model without any dependency is not supported.