Sofistik/Midas Civil

Hi all,

Anyone had experience with Midas Civil?
I’m applying for internship at a project office, and they mentioned buying Midas Civil in near future during the interview.

Too bad my Sofistik skills from Master studies are not going to be put on test. :disappointed:

Does anyone knows some pros or cons for this Midas Civil?

Pro: Midas Civil is easy to get started. You can use it to handle most bridge structures.
Con: but it lacks the direct parametric modeling feature.


In my personal opinion MIDAS Civil is not bad for small/medium bridges without no so complicated geometry & construction stages. For greater bridges this program is like a trap - MIDAS has a problem with graphic (you cannot see the results as graphic & you wait long time for results in tables), the results in MIDAS are more beautiful like in Sofistik - but this is rather not important. It is caused by the MIDAS solver for loadcombinations results - MIDAS do it every time in meanwhile from new (there is no database with results).
Second thing which is make the calc in MIDAS not efficient is dimensioning of concrete/steel composite cross sections at ULS & SLS - the results at SLS are not correct in my opinion and it is difficult to make it “globally” like in Sofistik.
Third thing - you want to model your slab in MIDAS as quad element with stiffness only in one direction - better forget about it.

One thing is better make in MIDAS - torsional stiffness for Composite Cross Sections is calculated correctly in compare to Sofistik. The other is working with volume elements - modelling is more simple like in Sofistik.

Maybe Sofistik is not perfect but better than MIDAS.

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Here is an interesting example showing comparison between Sofistik and Midas

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