Sofistik grasshopper line load


I am using sofistik plugin in grasshopper. I am trying to define line loads to a slab. I have made structural lines and defined a line load to it. I get this issue: Local load directions are not unique for reference type AUTO: LC 3. What should I do?


It seems that you have not assigned an Id to the structural line you are using for the line-load.
The created line-load is then exported with “LINE AUTO”.
Because you have defined a local load-direction (Component LineLoad: HostLocal=true)
SOFiLOAD does not know if it should use the local coordinate system of the area, or the local coordinate system of the structural line.
As solution, you can specify an Id for the structural line and keep local load-directions
(export: “LINE SLN ‘id’ TYPE PZ”),
or you can use global loads by setting “HostLocal” to false
(export: “LINE AUTO - TYPE PZZ”).

I hope this helps.

With kind regards

Emanuel Knapp