SOFiSTiK Graphic 2020


I have a problem with the language setting and drawing setup (Partition) of SOFiSTiK Graphic 2020.
The first problem is with the language. I converted all the language settings in Revit, SSD, and SOFiSTiK Graphic to English but the result description of the Graphics is in German. All the user interfaces are in English but the description under each picture is in German.

The other problem is related to the drawing setup. I used to have a different partition for different graphics in the previous versions. For example in Graphics 1, I used to have 1 x 1 partition and in Graphics 2, 1 x 2…
But now this is not possible. Did I miss a thing?

Thank you!


You can change the language of the footer directly within the program graphic:

Graphic > File > Page Setup > Output language > English

Concerning your second question about the graphic partition, this still is possible.

View > Graphics Setup > Partition

Or you open the layer summary and double-klick on the picture.

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Frederik Höller
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