Sofistik database error


Hey nhasanbasic,

Option 1) Home > Database Tools > Clean Locks and try again
Option 2) Delete CDB file and export again
Option 3) Change location of the project and export again
Option 4) Remove any special characters from project path and name

I have tried all of these, nothing worked

Then more details are needed:

  1. The dwg file was created with a task in the SSD and not copied from another project?
  2. Is there a conflict of materials and crosssections, maximum thickness of steel plates? Reinforcement steel specified for RC?
  3. If the task is small, is it easier to recreate the project?

Hi nhasanbasic,

is this a message out of SOFiPLUS(-X)? In this case some more information should become visible in the sidebar after clicking OK in the message.