Sofistik CDB windows options


How can i get the Sofistik CDB options in my windows? like the picture attached

My windows isnt showing these types of options for cleaning locks? And for cleaning locks i need to delete other calculations files


You can clean locks from inside teddy/ssd.
Home → Database Tools → Clean locks

can go through ssd as it says it’s locked

i found out that my coworkers have the options which i have shown in the picture but in mycase i dont have those options like the picture in the link

Go through teddy.
Create a file that has the same name as your .cdb file, e.g.:
project.cdb → create project.dat
Open the dat file with teddy and clear the locks.

What should we write in Teddy file " Just clear the locks"?

You don’t have to write anything
→ Save a teddy file with the same name as the cdb
→ Teddy “thinks” the cdb belongs to the .dat file, when you open it (even if it is empty)
→ You should be able to clear the locks through the menu

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