Sofistik and Rhino 8


Does anybody know if Sofistik Rhinoceros Interface 2024 is working on Rhino 8 ?

Thank you!


I assume that we will release the Rhino Interface (XGEO) for Rhino 8 with Service Pack 2024-3 at the beginning of February.
In general, it is already possible to load the Rhino Interface in Rhino 8. If Rhino 7 is installed on a computer, it is automatically loaded. Initial tests so far show no negative results. The only exception is that the SOFiSTiK Toolbar may not be loaded automatically and needs to be loaded manually.

The functionalities in the Grasshopper interface are somewhat more problematic, as Rhino 8 is delivered based on the .NET Core Runtime 7 by default. Currently, some components are not loaded here. However, this can be bypassed by starting Rhino 8 with the /netfx parameter (see, for example, here: Rhino - Moving to .NET 7).

Cheers Nils

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