Sofiplus layers


Whenever I create a new object in sofiplus, it creates a new layer for said object. This causes my model to contain hundreds of layers and it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain an overview.

I realise I can move objects out of the layers and group them afterwards, but it does seem that it should be possible just predefine which layers your objects are created in?

Am I missing some neat functionality which all these layers provides, or are they simply an annoyance to be ignored?

You get new layers when you define for example Structral Areas or Lines in different groups. If you don’t want this you can define all structural elements in the same group or assign the elements to another layer after creating them.
Finally you can purge the dwg-file (see 01a.jpg => “Bereiningen” is “purge” in english version).
But I recommend simply to use the filter function within SOFiPLUS. I believe this works only fine when you use the automatically created layers. How this filter function works you find in this video

in chapter “05 Filtering and other options”