Sofiplus - area load

Hi there,

I need an answer how area loads are distributed into quad elements. I have got a 3d model of abutment and I want to set area load on wingwall which consist of horizontal area elements and diagonal area elements. The area load which I put on the structure is half of it on horizontal element and second half is above diagonal element. My question is, did sofistik transfer second half of the load (this half which is in the air) to the diagonal elements or should I do something to make it transfered?


You can see what sofistik generated when checking loadings within Wingraf.

Like Yoris mentioned:
You need to check your loads, no matter how you apply them:

  • Check total reaction force against applied load
  • Check your applied load in wingraf (same as input)
  • Check your used load in wingraf (you see which sars are loaded)
  • Check calculation loads in wingraf (what is actually used in the fe nodes)

The rest is somewhat of trial-by-error, but you need to check the output.

Remember, the software programmers are engineers → don’t trust them, verify.
You never know what engineers might be up to, I know since I am one :wink: